Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ferrero Rocher

Today on the way to pick up Saige from mother's day out, I remembered that I had some Forrero Rochers in my purse. The soup I had for lunch hadn't stuck with me like I'd wanted. That's what me think of the Forreros. I don't usually keep them on me because I love them, and because they are a bit deceiving. They're light, hazelnutty texture makes you believe that they aren't really all that bad for you. Although, I don't really see how that can be true. (They are so delicious!)....But, I digress....I have had these delicious treats in my purse for about 2 weeks now because my sweet little one-year-old snatched them from the candy aisle while sitting in one of those little cars that are at the front of the cart in the grocery store. The cashier noticed before I did that she had swiped them, and that she gnawing on the plastic. (I've caught her doing this at home too. She just eats right through the plastic.)

So, since the cashier saw it all go down, I had to buy the little boogers. I didn't want to give them to Saige or she might think that the next time we go to a store, she can start chomping on any candy that suits her fancy. So, I've just been carrying them around as a sweet reminder as I go through out the day of my stinker Saige. However, two out of the three of those ferreros don't live in my purse anymore. They live in my stomach. I laughed as I pulled the aluminum wrapping away from shards of hazelnut and chocolate and nibbled the crumbs up. I felt so sneaky. I guess as a mom, if you are eating sweets, you feel like you should be sharing or else it's some sort of huge secret. And since it's a not a secret, I decide to share with you all on this here good ole' blog.

On a completely different note, I am excited and scared to say that I think my older girlies will be donating some hair to locks of love in the very near future. Here is a picture of their clean, beautiful locks today:

Lydia's locks

Julia's locks
Stay tuned for what it will look like soon....I guess they can both spare 10 inches. (Please don't tell Julia that her hair is a little shorter than her sisters'. She won't believe you anyway.)

Thanks for reading! You are the best. :)

Love to all of you who read my blog,


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  1. She is such a stinker, that little Saige. I am scared and excited to see the girls hair so short!