Sunday, February 2, 2014

Locks of Love

Dave finally convinced me to let the girls do locks of love. I was a little scared their hair would be too short, and it is pretty short, but they LOVE it, and I am very excited that their hair will benefit a good cause.

Julia's long hair - the day before

Lydia's long hair-the day before

Julia getting prepped for a cut

Lydia getting prepped for a cut

Lydia's ultra short, ultra cute hair
 The girl at the salon we went to cut Lydia's hair too short in my opinion. She put the rubber band where the 11 inch mark was and cut above that. She should have put it at the 10 or 9 inch market and cut above that instead. But, all's well that ends well, right? Lydia loves her hair. She feels just like Rapunzel because Rapunzel went from really long to really short hair.
Cutie Bob

Super cute. Love the length. This is Julia's cut.

Julia loves her almost bob cut

Julia's locks of love
 I'm super sad I didn't get a pic of Lyd's lock of love hair before they took it to the back. I almost asked them to bring it out again, but I was feeling a bit emotional during the whole process. I was really worried the girls would have hair cutting remorse.
cutie pies!
 Don't they look about a foot taller now?
Stinker Saige "cheesin" at the hair salon
The girls were super excited to go to church today and show off their hair cuts. They loved explaining that 11 inches of their hair was cut off. Lydia calls it "lots of love" instead of locks of love. Cute, right? ---And, while at church, the big girls had many adoring fans of their new cuts at church, I guess the level of excitement wasn't good enough for them. They wanted people to "freak out", and I guess no one did that exactly. So, they both left church a little sad because they only got tons of compliments, but no one "freaked out". I mean I heard gasps, compliments and sweet endearments, but...

We ended up taking the girls to get their hair cut at a Great Clips in Katy. They cut the girls hair for free, and send the locks in for us. What a win-win, right? We didn't have to do anything but provide the locks. Dave, the girls and I really hope to do locks of love again sometime.

So, how do you like the cuts? I only cried for a second after we got in the car. :) And that was mostly because I didn't feel very good. I think the girls look super cute, and I love all three of them so much!

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  1. I LOVE the picture of the two of them together! So sweet! And I like the haircuts. They're super cute! :)