Sunday, July 27, 2014

Facebook and Twitter

There are so many advantages to regularly checking Facebook. I have stayed semi-connected with a lot of friends in Bartlesville and Houston via Facebook. Thanks to Facebook I have learned a lot about the small town we live in in North Dakota. I've learned about other important stuff... like things that pertain to the public school that my children attended last year. I get messages from people when I least expect it, and I love that. I love it almost as much as I love receiving packages in the mail.  

But, sometimes I'm kind of a facebook junkie. I look at it a lot. Sometimes I hide the facebook app on my phone just so I won't check it. Sometimes I'm looking at it and thinking about something else. So, it's ridiculous. I'm embarrassed by it. Sometimes I just straight ban myself from looking at it. When I do that, I rely on twitter and pinterest to keep my social needs met. But, I don't really "get" twitter. I don't think a single person has ever responded to one of my tweets. Ever.-- I find the conversations that other people have on twitter very interesting. But, overall it's sort of mysterious to me.

HOWEVER! With all of that being said, I am currently LOVING Twitter. Even though my eldest girlie is at camp, I kinda sorta know what she's doing thanks to that dang social media site. They had smores tonight. And for some reason it made me cry when I saw that tweet. A few real tears. Tears of joy, but still tears. (Emotional much?) Why does the fact that she is eating smores with her camp-mates make me so proud that I cry? I guess that's the prerogative of a mama.

Julia at Camp
Even though I'm missing my big girl, my other girls and I had a blast with their Grandma Christie today. We went to the local waterpark and partied like it was 1999. Lyd was tall enough to ride on a lot of the rides, so her and I had a totally radical time riding as many rides as we could. It was such a neat time for Lyd and I to bond. We don't get a lot of one-on-one time.
Babies Having a Blast!

Facebook is good. Twitter is Better. Love ya' peeps! -Amber


  1. I love that you just said radical! We can totally be friends! I also LOVE facebook!

  2. Yes! I was hoping you would say that. That's radical!