Friday, August 1, 2014

Coconut Oil Re-purposing

We've been visiting with my in-laws the last few days, and I have discovered that my Father-in-law loves coconut oil. He loves coconut oil like I loved the oils that I wrote about here. He uses coconut oil for cooking and to soften skin. He also uses it to soothe scrapes.

My in-laws live in a beautiful home that backs up to a wooded area with trails. We love to visit the trails and do so every time we visit. There is a creek bed that the trails lead to. When it has rained a lot, the creek fills with water and a water fall spills over the rocks. It's beautiful.

On our trek back to the creek this time, Dave slipped and scraped his arm on a tree. When he got back, his dad rubbed some coconut oil on his forearm, as the scrape covered his whole forearm. That was on Monday, and his scrape is already gone! The coconut oil really helped, and I didn't hear another word about it from Dave at all. (...Not that men are known for being babies. That's not what I'm implying...)

Anywho, I saw that Sam's sells coconut oil and I'm kicking myself now that I didn't buy a tub of it. But, I will be grabbing some soon!

Thanks for stopping by! -Amber


  1. We're big fans of CO here too! I use it on Dutch's rear end to prevent diaper rashes!

  2. Thanks for reading, Amy! I will have to try the CO on my Saige's hiney. Cooked flour works great too, but CO doesn't need to be cooked first!